About Us

MeraEMI is a loan marketplace platform connecting borrowers to lenders digitally. Using technology enabled data science, machine learning and process automation tools, we aim to provide loan-life-cycle related solutions. At a time when large volume service providers and lenders are more interested in the number of clients rather than the clients themselves and the digital disruption is driving towards customer acquisition rather than understanding of customer requirements beyond loans, MeraEMI understands that everyone’s different; that’s why our approach is as individual as you.

With MeraEMI, you have access to the finest platform for managing your credit requirements that helps you to navigate your loan cycle’s complications, free of any financial ambiguity and safe in the knowledge that our professional team is by your side, every step of the way. At the core is our philosophy to build long term relationships, based on mutual openness and trust and to provide a professional service at every level.

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